About Me

25-years-old, male with a hardworking personality, willing to learn new technologies and pleasant appearance. I graduated from the Computer Engineering Department, Pamukkale University with GPA 3.39 in June 2016. During my 4 years bachelor education I have attended to organisations which were related IT fields and some of them organized by my team. I was president of Pamukkale University Free Software Community. So, I know what is the team play. Also, I attended to Germany Nagold Student Exchange Program which is between my university and Youz Nagold e.V.

Beside studying, during 3 years, I worked part time as Mobile Application Developer with research and development company in Pamukkale University Technopark. This combination of studying and working has given me both the theoretical and practical knowledge needed. Also, I worked as freelance and participated in some projects.

Even though I worked at different platforms I would like to continue my career in Mobile Technologies. Currently, I am working as Mobile Application Specialist in İzmir, Turkey. I am good at Android Application Development Fundamentals and UI design. Also, I started to develop in cross platforms (Cordova, Framework7 etc.) I am able to speak English with upper-intermediate level. Learning new things continuously one of my interests. I have big passion for developing mobile applications.



  1. Hi Onur!

    Your profile is one of the profiles that caught my attention as I was looking for talented Android developers to join our VC-backed startup, Volt. Please let me know if we can have a quick phone call to discuss whether or not this might be of interest to you.



    1. Hi Ali!

      Thanks for your attention.
      You can get in contact with me on email. ‘onuryurtturk@gmail.com’

      Frequently,I use email for job conversations.

      Im waiting for your detailed email.

      Sincerely, Thanks.


  2. onur bey, bir sitede istek bileti oluşturmak için github tan kod istiyor. github only ile kaynak kod nasıl oluşturulur(yeni kullanıcıyım).


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